The 354th Fighter Group began combat operations on 1 December 1943 when it sent 24 planes on its first operational fighter sweep over Knocke-St. Omer - Calais area thereafter the Group escorted Eighth Air Force heavy bombers to targets deep into Germany up until D-Day when they escorted gliders over France during the early morning hours of the invasion. The Group then moved to France to support General's Patton's Third Army drive across France, flying close air support, armed-reconnaissance, fighter sweeps, patrols, diving bombing, and ocassional escort missions. It participated in the airborne attack on Holland, Battle of the Bulge, and assisted ground forces in their advance to and across the Rhine. After V-E Day, the 354th served with the Army of Occupation.

Base of Operations

Greenham Common, England

Boxted, England

Lashenden, England

Criqueville, France (ALG-2)

Gael, France (ALG-31)

Orconte, France (ALG-66)

Perthes, France (ALG-65)

Rosières-en-Haye, France (ALG-98)

Ober Olm, Germany (Y-64)

Ansbach, Germany (R-45)

Herzogenaurach, Germany (R-29)


2 November 1943 to 13 November 1943

13 November 1943 to 17 April 1944

17 April 1944 to 22 June 1944

22 June 1944 to 13 August 1944

13 August 1944 to 18 September 1944

18 September 1944 to 13 November 1944

13 November 1944 to 12 December 1944

12 December 1944 to 8 April 1945

8 April 1945 to 30 April 1945

30 April 1945 to 15 May 1945 (VE Day 8 May)

15 May 1945 to Deactivation

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