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Tributes Homepage  

The Tribute homepage list tributes submitted by families and friends of men who served with the 354th Pioneer Mustang Group. They are a testament of their enduring love, admiration and respect to those who served during World War II.

Lt. Carl P. Boozer - by the Boozer Family & Friends Hardy, Ann Joy and Jim
William Y. "Willie" Anderson - by Paul Lerner
Alfred B. Styrsky - by Al Styrsky
Shorty "Miriam" - by Alan Grant
Lt. Joseph M. Krebs - by Margaret Ginns
Lawrence A. Wood - by Larry Wood
Lt. Edward R. Ryan, KIA 4/18/44 - by Roberta Roddy
Lt. William F. Harker, KIA 4/13/45 - by Robert D. Davis
Lt. Billy J. Lamb, KIA 4/15/45 - by Robert W. Lamb
Lt. Wau Kau Kong, KIA 2/22/1944 - by Gregg K. Kakesako
Maj. Ted (Tedeusz) Skowronek - by Paul Cornell
Lt. Henry S. Rudolph - by Joe B. Wilkinson
Lt. Billie D. Harris - by Joyce Ann Ashley
Billie D. Harris. 61 ans après - by Valérie Quesnel (French)
Lt. W. Jay Laughridge - by W. Jay "Digit" Laughridge, III
Lt. John D. Mattie - by Chris Mattie
BLUE MONDAY - by Thierry Kleinprintz, contributing research by Chris Mattie, Steve Blake and Erik Mombeeck 
Col. Robert B. Curlee - by Chris Curlee
1st Lt. Charles W. Moore, 355th FS Mustang Pilot - For Alvin and the Moore Family by Milton Bond

It is an honor and privilege to present these special tributes. If you are interested in submitting a tribute for any member of the 354th Pioneer Mustang Group please see the guidelines below.

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