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Arthur W. Owen

Ralph Delgado
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Heroes of the 354th Fighter Group - JMT Productions

A Documentary Film about the 354th Fighter Group during World War II

JMT Productions out of Southern California is currently working on a two-hour documentary film about the men and history of the Pioneer Mustang Fighter Group during World War II.

354thpmfg.com (formally 354th.com) viewed a ten minute trailer on this documentary. I was overcome with a tremendous sense of pride and impressed with JMT's professionalism. A documentary long in coming - the 354thpmfg.com website supports this project 100% and encourages anyone associated with the 354th Fighter Group to provide use of any form of materials to this project.

The Project

Jon Teboe and production staff attended the 2006 reunion in Portland, Oregon where they began interviewing 354th veterans. This is a documentary about the men of the 354th Fighter Group. A recently discovered diary of 1st Lt. William R. Perkins will be our introduction to the men of the 354th. "Perk" served in the 356th Fighter Squadron in World War II. His P-51 Mustang was nicknamed "ANGEL FROM HELL". Although against the rules, he kept a very detailed diary from January 1 to June 12, 1944.  He crashed on June 13, 1944 a few days after D-Day near Notre Dame de Cenilly in France.

The documentary will incorporate Perkins' diary and recent interviews with those listed below:

Col. A. W. Owen
Hugh A. Gibson
Lindy Genung

Nathan Glick

Dr. Clayton Kelly Gross

Ed Regis

Bruno Peters

James Hughes

Gen. F.M. Rodgers

Cary Salter

Chuck Tighe

Rev. George Bernard

William W. Louie

Peter Wilson

Lowell K. Brueland

Ken Dahlberg

Bill Davis

Robert J. Ramer

Norman Davis

Mark Radojits

Charles Tighe

Charles Simonson

Joseph A. Kronek

Charles W. Hawley

Ray Bain

Fred Fehsenfeld

Fred Stagnaro
Ralph Delgado, Jr.
John Boydstun

Richard L. Cutshall

Urgent Request: To those Pioneer Mustangs we interviewed if you provided a few photos we NEED MORE PHOTOS. The more photos we have the more your segment will tell your story and proud history of the 354th Fighter Group.

If you were in the 354th and would like to be interviewed or if you have any photos or facts, please let us know by sending a email to flashframe1966@gmail.com.

JMT Production members are:

  • Executive Producer / Director: Jon Teboe

  • Director of Photography: Zev Esquenazi

  • Producer: Francesca Esquenazi

  • Associate Producer/Researcher: Clarice Franklin

  • Original Music: Frankie Martinez

  • Still Photographer: Gerard Mate'

  • Grip: Greg Leach

If you were associated with the 354th in any way, please contact us. We want to hear from the support crews, the ground crew, and everyone who made the missions possible. Family members and relatives are encouraged to contact us.

Just a few clips from "Heroes of the 354th Fighter Group & Angel From Hell" Documentary:
P-51 vs ME 262 / JMT Productions  
My English Bride / JMT Productions  
Peg O' my Heart / JMT Productions  
Kong Wah Kau / JMT Productions  

More clips of this documentary can be view at YouTube.com. Thanks to Jon Teboe and the JMT production team for posting these clips.


JMT Productions - Executive Producer / Director: Jon Teboe, Director of Photography: Zev Esquenazi, Producer: Francesca Esquenazi, Associate Producer/Researcher: Clarice Franklin, Original Music: Frankie Martinez, Still Photographer: Gerard Mate'; Grip: Greg Leach